Friday, November 18, 2011

Zip it up!

Usually, it's the girls who get the chills easily... but how about the boys? Boys get cold too, you know. And just in time for the cold front to start saying "hello" to our bare skin, it's time to start zipping up!

I have a brother who, I might say, is a fashionista. He usually goes with the flow. But since he's way back home in the Philippines, I just send him stuff to fit his lifestyle. I may have spoiled him a bit, but he's my only brother and I love him to death. With him working come rain or shine, he needs something to protect himself from the nasty outburst of the typhoon. And that's where I come in. I love to shop, not only for myself, but specially for my loved ones. And one of my favorite stores offers these zip up hoodies which basically is the fad in teenagers and adults nowadays. Pretty cool and protective at the same time huh? He just loves wearing it not only for work but for play, too. The funny thing is, in Philippines, you will see guys wearing them even in the sunny weather! I guess you can pretty much say that's a fashion statement for Filipino guys there.

Fashion or no fashion, we need to shield ourselves from the excruciating effects of climate change. At this time of the year, we have to bundle up. Don't worry if you're wearing a bulky coat even if it's not winter yet. If you're feeling cold, I got three words for ya - ZIP IT UP!

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