Sunday, November 13, 2011

A baby experience

Recently my husband and I have been invited to attend a friend's baby shower. It was actually a "surprise" shower and as far as I know, this is her 4th baby shower already. Some were given by her family, friends, and colleagues from work. It was a nice day for a first-time attendee like me. Yes, this is my first time to be in a baby shower and it feels good to be aware of what goes on in an event like this ( getting ideas in the future *wink*). Anyway, as soon as the opening of gifts came, I noticed that most of the guests gave them baby girl clothes ( it's a baby girl, by the way ) which I think is a smarter thing to give than toys. I mean, a baby can always use more clothes right? I didn't go with that idea though, since I figured that they'll probably be getting a lot of clothes so I went with the booster seat instead.

I remember when I was shopping for a baby shower gift, it took me forever to decide what to give. I was in the baby section for an hour and been walking back and forth from aisle with their baby registry in hand. Unfortunately, the baby registry wasn't updated so it got harder for me to decide. Oftentimes, when I shop for gifts I don't just grab it off the shelves. I always keep in mind if that person will like it or not, and if it's essential for his/her daily use. I don't know why, but I think gift-giving is not just a chore. It must be done from the heart.

So far, I am still eager for my mommy moment to come...


MharMS said...

Hi jenny, the next baby shower will be yours :)
I added your link in my Linky Love.
Hope you will add mine too..


♥ jenpaul ♥ said...

Thank you Mharms! Hopefully it will be :)

I've already added you in my Blog Roll.. Keep in touch! :)