Friday, November 11, 2011

Fit for a King

I consider shopping to be my stress-reliever. You know the saying, "Shop 'til you drop"? That used to be my old adage. Until I got married - which means I am now shopping for two.

Every time I feel the urge to give something to my dear husband, I get blank completely. Just because men aren't as easy as women when it comes to gift ideas, specially since my  husband's a bit difficult. He's in the computer profession so he isn't one of those button-down-shirts-necktie-kind-of-guy. He's not a sports fanatic either, so that narrows it down to gadgets and/or clothes. And I'd usually go for clothes, because I believe it's more essential to him rather than the gadgets. And since he hates surprises so he's not fond of the idea of waiting for something he wants as a gift because he'd rather just buy it himself rather than wait. I know my husband's size so well, but as you know, clothes' sizes can be tricky sometimes. Either they shrink or they're just too loose. In that case, I needed help.

I usually go to the big and tall section when I shop for his clothes. Oftentimes I shop alone, which makes it even trickier to find something he'd like. I would stand in the same aisle for an hour deciding if I'd get it or not. Thankfully the stores here in the US offer returns for purchases so I am not extremely bothered by that fact. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy shopping for my  husband. It's just not as simple as shopping for my mother or a girlfriend you know? Tricky it is...

I give him the royal treatment, because he is my husband. And by royal that means with substantial respect and undying love and trust. But that doesn't mean that he can just wear whatever. I always make sure to find something that's fit for my King ♥ 

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