Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top 10 Feel Good Movies

I've always been a sucker for romantic movies. Those that make you hug your teddy bear, sigh, and wish you were the leading lady instead. Most of the time i'll find some interesting movies on the internet or through commercials. But having a subscription in Netflix gives me a heads-up on what's in the know for romantic comedies, etc...

Let me share with you the 10 feel good movies I've watched and liked so far:

  1. Serendipity - starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale
I couldn't forget the scene when he finally found the book that was given to him by the girl he met from the dept. store just the day before he's supposed to get married to his fiancee. The book's entitled "Love in the time of Cholera". 

   2. The Wedding Planner - starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez

This is why I've always dreamed of getting married someday - plus the fact that I am a huge J.Lo fan was a bonus.

    3.  50 First Dates - starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

How far would you go to make somebody with "short-term memory loss" fall in love with you? I guess that's what you have to find out...

    4.  Pearl Harbor - starring Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, and Josh Hartnett

A love triangle in the era of the World War II. Very touchy story indeed...

    5.  If Only - starring Paul Nicholls and Jennifer Love Hewitt

They say love is sweeter the second time around. But what about a second chance in love? I had to watch this twice to understand the whole story even more ( and don't forget to grab some tissues).

    6.  A Walk to Remember - starring Shane West and Mandy Moore

What happens when Mr. Bad Boy hooks up with Ms. Daughter-of-the-Pastor? One of Nicholas Sparks' bestselling novels.

    7.  The Notebook - starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

It's all about sacrificing for your one true love, no matter how long it takes. Another Nicholas Sparks creation.

    8.  How to Lose a Guy in 10 days - starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson

This is a love story with a funny twist. It all started with a bet... guess what happens next?

    9.  27 Dresses - starring James Marsden and Katherine Heigl

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. But it all changes when she meets this charming reporter who writes a story about her.

   10. The Twilight Saga -starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Well, who wouldn't resist? Vampire and human fall in love then comes the wolf best friend who's also in love with the human - an unusual love triangle that only happens in movies indeed. (Let's see if I'm gonna like the whole saga though...)

Oh well, I must admit I've seen these movies in like, a hundred times already I could almost memorize their lines. My husband rolls his eyes on me whenever he sees me pop in one of these movies in the player and I know what he's thinking but... whatever! If movies like these would make me feel good, then might as well watch them over and over again right? :)

"A film is a ribbon of dreams. The camera is much more than a recording apparatus; it is a medium via which messages reach us from another world that is not ours and that brings us to the heart of a great secret. Here magic begins." - Orson Welles


vichygurl said...

Hi Jen, Good one! You give me an idea...hehe =) I might do something like that as well huh! I love sci-fi, also romantic movies. Among the 10 list you mentioned, I haven't seen PEARL HARBOR. Something to add up.

Anyway, I hope you can check out my latest entry and if you have ample time to waste reading my other blog. I'll appreciate that! Thanks! You are having more followers now huh! Good for you =) See yah soon!

jenpaul :) said...

Thanks my friend! I just thought it might be nice to give people an idea what's nice to watch when it comes to romantic comedies.

I've visited your other blog and also became your follower. I was also thinking of creating another blog :)

~ "C" said...

Thanks for the visit! I'm following you now! Great site. And I love the movie post. I still need a lot of catching up! Can you imagine, I haven't seen Twilight??? I did it on purpose. But one day, I definitely will!

Wonder Wifey ( / Sublime Spirit (

jenpaul :) said...

Hi Clarisse, thanks for adding and following my site. I did the same to you as well! :) Glad you liked my post about the movies, I really enjoyed watching those. I'm a huge Twilight fan and now I'm just waiting for the last installment in the whole Saga which is "Breaking Dawn". Can't wait to see it! :)

You really got a lot of catching up to do btw :)

~ "C" said...

I know! (It's a personal experiment actually -- checking how far socially I can go without watching Twilight hahaha) LOL

You're in my blogroll now. And I'll come visit you here often. Happy Blogging!

Mama Filipina said...

wow! lahat ng mga binangit mo ay napanood ko na at mga favorite ko din yan. JLO fan din ako :)

jenpaul :) said...

@Clarisse: Thanks a lot sis! I'll surely visit your blogs too since i'm also your follower :) Have u tried reading the books already? It's better if you read it also before watching the movie coz it's not always complete in the movie. Some details are omitted though (super haba kasi ng story)

Goodluck on your experiment! Happy Blogging too! :)

@Diane: pareho tau! i really like J.Lo specially pag mga romantic comedies na ganyan, she's good at it. Marami pa sana akong babanggitin kaso top 10 lang muna hehe..

Diamond R said...

I have watched all these movies whohhh. Galing!

jenpaul :) said...

Thanks Diamond! :)

It's Me said...

Thanks for the visit! I'm following you now! thanks for post about movie... i love twilight saga & pearl harbour :)

Greetings from
the diary

jenpaul :) said...

Thanks my friend! i like your posts too. Keep it up! :)

meretrisha said...

You've got a good list right there. My favorite is 'The Notebook'. I was watching it with my officemates back then. It made me cry wells of tears.

Life Moto said...

almost all are great movies. i love most is the notebook. can you imagine one of us will forget everything in our live. the last part of the story is so touching.