Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkins & Oktoberfest

Fall season is here! What is the best thing that we all like about Fall.....? Yep, it's the changing of the colors! It's amazing how it used to be all green and lush in the Summer then suddenly when Fall hits, the leaves turn in shades of orange, yellow and maroon. Beautiful isn't it? But it's all funny games until our temperature drops down to 50 degrees and we start bundling up ourselves in layers just to keep ourselves warm ( Brrrr.... ). 

Anyway, Fall is also the beginning of Oktoberfest and....... Halloween! Speaking of those two, last weekend we went shopping for pumpkins and decorative gourds to put in display for Halloween. Yes, we're gonna carve our pumpkins and make them look as ghoulish as possible. We stopped by Fifer Orchards to grab some face pumpkins and apples as well. I love the apple cider doughnuts we had, they're so yummy. We didn't go apple picking as the apples we like aren't in season yet. 

Then we went for the Oktoberfest in St. John's church in Milford. It was our second time to go there. Same as it was last year, there was a whole variety of food served. Polish Kielbasa, Mexican, Funnel cakes, International desserts, Filipino, and of course, German. It was fun watching the band play some nice melody, made me imagine we were in Germany that time because they played some German tunes as well. They were even dressed up in time for the event. 

It was such a nice weekend and such beautiful weather as well. That was the last time I saw the sun. It has been raining here for days already, makes me wish I could see the sun more. But for me it's okay, rainy days don't always get me down :)


Risma Hutabarat said...

I can see how October brings fun and festive in four seasons countries like one you live in right now. Halloween has been identically connected with pumpkin. Enjoy your Oktoberfest then :)

meretrisha said...

Octoberfest here in the Phils is more like a beer-drinking month. :-) added you up from A Walk Through Life.

jenpaul :) said...

Thanks guys! Yes i also miss Octoberfest in Phils specially the Battle of the Bands :)