Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't get lost

Ever been in a situation where you get invited to somebody's house for the first time and went to the wrong address? Or driving in the dark trying to find your friend's house and the GPS says "Destination on the right" yet you still couldn't find it? We've been there folks...

My husband drives me around so I can familiarize myself with our neighborhood. I like taking a good look at other people's houses too, which has something to do with my fascination for architecture. Believe me, I am not knowledgeable in construction stuff but I can pretty much tell if a house is just right for my taste. One thing I noticed though is that here in the US, people are free to design their house the way they want it. But the sad thing is, some just don't care. And I'm talking about address plaques. Some people have designed their house too elaborate that they forgot that tiny detail that would make it convenient for their family and friends. Like some of the houses we saw, I couldn't find the house numbers even in broad daylight. I love designs, but I just wish that homeowners would pay attention to some of the essential details of their house. You wouldn't want your loved ones to get lost looking for your house, would you?

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