Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Boom


Are babies the IN thing this year? Because lately, I have been surrounded by an overwhelming batch of pregnancies. So far 5 of my friends are expecting their babies by the end of 2011 / beginning of 2012. 
Coincidence or sign? *wink*

     Yesterday I joined some of my friends for a 3D/4D Ultrasound viewing of our friend Lany. Her and her husband are expecting a baby girl on the 2nd of January next year. Yeah, isn't it cool to have a post-New Year's Day baby? The whole world would be celebrating her birthday next year! Anyway, I was very excited to be part of this wonderful event in our friend's life. Oh the joy of seeing her up close for the first time! I couldn't be any happier for them...


     Being an expecting parent must be a very exhilarating feeling one could ever have. And I can just imagine myself being in their shoes someday. I am just a few among my friends who are not on the list yet, but who knows? Maybe next year. I wonder if Mr. Stork will bring our bundle of joy in the near future. Too early to tell and besides, hubby and I still have some plans in mind before we leap to the next level. Aside from the fact that we still want to explore a little bit more of America, is that we're also facing a major change in our lives which is moving to a new house. A lot of work and stress, but all worth it once we get settled in. So it really isn't our year to have a baby. But prayers aren't left unanswered. And it is in my prayers that our time will come in the future. :-)


Moonzkie ( said...

hahah.. yehh, I kind of thinking the same thing about 2011 a babies year.. lol.. I never had that 4d ultrasound, I wish I did, I didn't knew about that. LOL.. just like not knowing there's a cesarean cut called "bikini"..

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!There's definitely a baby boom this year. I have seven friends who are pregnant right now! Lol...And I am one of the lucky one and due on January next year. :)