Thursday, October 20, 2011

Live Concert

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

We told all of our friends to visit and upgrade their television package to get HDNET. All of our friends like a pretty popular band from our hometown, Widespread Panic. They were playing at a venue, the Georgia Theatre, which had been rebuilt after it burned a few years ago. We knew that the concert was going to be a good one because the venue was small, was in Athens ( the band’s hometown), and was at the theatre that they had played in some twenty years before. We try to go to every concert that we can when the band is near us, but we live out West and would not be able to make it home to see the band. A lot of our friends didn’t get tickets either or couldn’t make the concert. We got HDNET and were able to watch the concert live on television from our house. A lot of our friends were able to too. I was happy that it was going to be broadcast live. The concert was up close and personal, I almost felt like I was there in the crowd!

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