Thursday, September 30, 2010

More than a pet

We call her "Ky" (short for "Kyodai") which in Japanese means "the brothers". A female part German Shepherd, part Collie breed. Yes, I'm talking about our precious dog. 

I can still recall the first time I met her which was 2 years ago, she seemed huge for me. And the way she welcomed me in her cozy home wasn't just a lick and a wag of a tail but rather, a leap in the front and some barking. I was shocked at first, because I've never encountered a dog like her in my whole life (though I've seen Rottweilers in our neighborhood in Philippines but she's different) and looking straight in her eyes is like a sign that says, "Hey, we're gonna be buddies!". Maybe she, too, was shocked after realizing that I'm moving in with her and her loving master. It was like meeting another member of the family, just not in human form. Feeling the same nervousness, I tried acting casual so that she won't think I'm just there to steal her master away from her. It wasn't bad though, the whole meeting thing, coz' it just took us a few months to get used to each other. My husband would always tell me that normally, she's used to going out for 2 or 3 times for the whole day just to pee and poop. In my case, it was 20 times. Just because I was the newbie, she figured she'll take control of me and make me believe that she had to go out as often as possible because that's how it should be. Then I realized, wait a minute... she got me figured out! And so I learned my lesson, be the Alpha and lead the pack. And that's what I did from that time on. 

Then came the treats, the bones, the meat. I felt like a mom feeding her baby, and for the first time I felt the responsibility it takes to have a dog, and she's no ordinary dog. She is very smart and well-trained. The whole time and patience that my husband devoted in training her has paid off. It was a job well done. We talk to her like a normal person and she understands very well. I love the way she gives us her "puppy look" with those beautiful brown eyes, it just makes my heart melt. I love the way she jumps in our bed and squeezes herself between me and my husband, as if she owns the entire bedroom. I love the way she follows whatever command we say. I love the way she looks when she's drenched in water ( pitiful as it may seem, but she's never cold.. she's so cute!). I love the way she comes to us when she feels that something's wrong, and lends her paw to comfort us. I love the way she sleeps with her hind legs all raised up. I love her thick fur and her pretty face, and looking at her makes me want to hug and pet her. There's just so many things we love about her. 

Sometimes I wish they never die. That they live as long as we live. But it's just not how it is. People come and people go, and so do they. She's 10 years old now but we keep imagining she's only 8, because she doesn't look like a 10-year old dog at all. Still healthy and active, and she runs and barks like a male dog.

The many things a dog can do for us, is irreplaceable. They are faithful and loyal. They join you in good times and bad times. They know when you're happy because they can feel it. And they know when you're sad, because they get sad too. We must realize that our pets are not just animals, they also have souls. Giving them a good shelter, feeding them good food, and treating them with tender loving care is the only way we can thank them for all that they have done for us. 

Ky is our beloved pet. No, she's more than just a pet.... she's FAMILY ♥♥♥


gingerSnaps said...

wish i could have a dog like KY. luv this foto.

♥ jenpaul ♥ said...

thank you gingersnaps! Ky is an awesome dog :)