Thursday, December 22, 2011


Thanks to Olga Quinn

My house is my pride and joy and I just love spending so much time making it perfect. I had my mom come in and help me decorate because I had absolutely no taste at the end of the day and I knew I’d make the place look like a hot mess. I went to texas electricity providers to keep my energy rates down and I even planted some flowers in the front yard which has just been the best thing ever in terms of my morale and I’m actually planning a housewarming party (which I’m a little late for) very soon! I can’t wait to show this place off to all my friends and hopefully get a gift or two for the house. I really need to get a doormat and I also need some new lamps so you know, I’ve got a ways to go. My mom is coming back for Easter so hopefully by then I’ll have bought everything I need to get this place in the shape she wants it in!

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