Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family Friday!

Another year, another Fall. Next thing you know, Winter's here. Sometimes it's hard to think that months pass by so quick it almost feels like I haven't done anything in one day. We are going out for a dinner tonight, and we're eating crabs. They say it's the last time of the year that we get to enjoy it. As I stepped into the shower, I noticed I have been using a lot of hot water lately. I remember in the Philippines we used water heaters to immerse in a pail of water. Good thing they have lowes hot water heater in the local hardware store here. Just brings back the good ol' days...

While enjoying my hot shower, I also couldn't help but notice our bathroom was all in pink. Well, not everything. Only the pink shower curtain which I bought as a set completed the dreamy peachy look of our bathroom. Thankfully, my husband wasn't against it ( knowing they are very particular with their THRONE) and he said it's pretty much up to me whatever I want to do with the house, as long as I don't touch the basement a.k.a his "man-cave" lol...

I couldn't decide what to wear, and so I just grabbed the first one I could find - my wrinkly striped sweater. I must have misplaced the iron headboard and so I wasn't able to give it a quick press. Even so, I still wore it. Nobody's gonna notice it anyway. And off to dinner we go!

I love spending time with my in-laws. Even if it's just a quick visit or a simple dinner together. They're what I call "home" away from "home" <3

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