Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can't wait to see this...!

I've been waiting for this movie... and finally, it'll be on theaters soon!

I'm talking about Christina Aguilera's first movie "Burlesque". Yes, the title may sound risque but it's not just that. It's a story of an ordinary girl (Alice) who dreams big and makes it all happen. I've always been a die hard Christina fan because of her powerful vocals and breathtaking performances onstage and now that she has her very own movie, I'm all about it. If you've seen the movie "Chicago" you'll definitely see the similarity - apparently they are both musicals. And because I am a music lover and a performer myself, I love watching movies like these and get ideas on how to perform well on stage. Love the moves, love the voice.

credits to Sony Pictures

Another fact: If you remember the vampire that Edward killed in Twilight, well he's here. Cam Gigandet will be Christina's leading man and by watching the trailer, I think they have a steamy scene in this movie. It also has a red carpet cast including Cher, Kristen Bell, and Eric Dane. Showing on theaters this Thanksgiving.

Burlesque is a movie about dreaming big, and letting your imagination take you. It's very important to have passion in whatever you 're doing. Nothing's impossible if you have faith in what you can do.

"You gotta make me believe that you belong on that stage. That it's yours, and that nobody can take it from you. Now you wanna show me something? Show me that." ~ Cher


Life Moto said...

i will try to watch that soon.

Anonymous said...

I love musical movie such as Chicago, Evita, or Moulan Rouge. I think Christina will look great on this

Happy Friday dear

nurseabie said...

Enjoy watching it!

♥ jenpaul ♥ said...

Sorry guys, took a while to publish your comments. I've been busy lately so i forgot to publish them. Anyway, thanks for the nice comments. I love Christina and i will def watch this soon! :)

anne said...

done adding you girl following you too at terryannemary.com

supermommyjem said...

wow! Thanks for sharing these.. I like Christina Aguilera and I found this movie musical and entertaining from watching the trailer. I add you in my Online friends and followed your blog. I hope you will add me too. Thanks!