Friday, November 5, 2010

Are u a Kikay at ♥?

Let's say you are going to a party. Or the mall. Or a quick errand to the grocery store. We, females, have our very own "forget-me-not" stuff that will always be present in our handbags. In our case, we call it our "kikay kit". "Kikay" is a Filipino gal's term which means "vain". Why the stuff? Simple. Men have their emergencies, and so do we! *wink*

Here's a peek of what's inside my kikay kit:

1. Mobile phone     ~  Gotta have it in case of emergencies,  and for checking Facebook while waiting for appointments, etc.

2. Keys              ~ We all bring our house & car keys right?

3. Hand sanitizer    ~  Germs are everywhere. Spread love, not virus okay?

4. Handy mirror     ~  In my case, I really need it. It's all funny games till I flash that smile with green leafy stuff stuck between my braces.

5. Mints                 ~ Making sure nobody knows I had some garlic in my lunch.

6. Cheek tint         ~  It's nice to have a little hint of color on those pale cheeks.

7. Concealer         ~  I don't normally use it but hey, it helps cover those eyebags and nasty blemishes.

8. Lip balm           ~  Always handy specially during cold weather. No to cracked lips!

9. Lipstick            ~  I like having it on my purse. You never know when you're gonna need it.

10. Handkerchief     ~  It's always nice to have something to use in case we sneeze.

11. Power snack  ~  It helps me get through my low blood sugar problem.

Let's face it. We all have the right to be vain. And don't forget - Vanity is also a form of art. 

How about you? What's in your kikay kit? 


Emmaleigh said...

my kikay kit:

1. a compact mirror

2. disposable toothbrush

3. oil control film

4. my blackberry, keys, & wallet

5. lipbalm

6. kleenex

7. underwear.

Underwear. I know it's weird but my mom always taught me to bring an extra one just in case you get stranded somewhere, you have a clean one to wear the next day.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I just found your blog. I like the design of your blog and the title. I'm your follower now :)

yen said...

hello, sure bah, just let me know...

Life Moto said...

sensya na po kiko ako eh. salamat sa bisita ha!

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

we have the right to vain hehehe. hi sis add myt link then buzz me so i can add yours

dustianne said...

i also have tictac mints inside my purse sis, i helps me with my stomach problems sometimes :)

Yannie said...

Loose powder, cologne, lip balm, , comb, toothbrush and toothpaste. That's it! I don't use make-up, I'm not use to it.

Anonymous said...

I have the same kikay kits like yours, Jen. Except the power snack. I don't like to bring food inside my purse Lol
Happy Tuesday for you

anney said...

marami ring nakalagay sa kikay kit ko pero ang hindi nawawala sa kikay kit ko e ang face powder kasi oily ang face ko. Di ako makatagal ng wala yun.Thanks for visiting my blog. I've already added you sa blog list ko. I followed na din. Have a great week!

♥ jenpaul ♥ said...

Sorry guys for the late publishing of comments, been busy lately :( anyway, i appreciate all the comments, thank you! :)

@ Emmaleigh: i agree! you never know when you're gonna need it diba? thanks for sharing! :)

@ The Girl in the Pink Dress: thanks girl! i've added ur link in my blog roll and followed u as well! :)

@ Yen: added ur badge! thanks sis! :)

@ Life Moto: wala pong anuman! hehe :)

@ ShyDub: thanks girl! added u already! :)

@ Dustianne: yah it helps a lot! i also have the same prob..

@ Yannie: thanks for sharing sis! :)

@ Risma: lol yah my purse is a mix of vanity and hunger :)

@ Anney: thanks sis! done the same :)

Jona said...

you have the right to be...vain ;)

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