Thursday, October 14, 2010

YAY!! My 1st award! :)

     Since I started this blog for like a week now, I've already learned a lot of stuff. Being new to this whole blogging craze, plus with the help of my kind friends, I have put my writing skill to a whole new level. And now I present to you, my very first award as a blogger...                                                      

     This award has been presented to me by Meretrisha of A Walk Through Life, Ria of  RiA's wOrLd, Yen of Every Little Thing, and Sarah of Eat, Pray, & Blog. It is indeed an honor for me and for this, my sincere and heartfelt "Thank You" for giving this award to me. As the saying in Spiderman goes, "With great power comes great responsibilities" so here are a few things you need to know when you get this award...

The Rules:
    * Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
    * Share 7 things about yourself.
    * Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserves it.
    * Be sure to let  the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award.

Some of these might have already been mentioned in the "About Me" section of my blog, but here it goes...

7 things you need to know about ME :)
  1. I am happily married and loving it.
  2. I have a pet dog named Kyodai and I love her.
  3. Music is my life.
  4. I am a sucker for romance and anything inspirational.
  5. I have a sweet tooth.
  6. I am left-handed.
  7. I collect handbags.
And now, I pass this award to the following versatile bloggers:


meretrisha said...

congratulations jenpaul! you deserve the award. it's only been a week and you have already made a lot of friends. you have a good looking blog right there with a really good content.

jenpaul :) said...

Thank you Meretrisha! I'm glad to know lots of nice bloggers like you. This is inspiring :)

vichygurl said...

congrats Jen! and thanks too!

jenpaul :) said...

Ur welcome Vids! U deserve it too :)

ladymishel said...

wow! you just made my day brighter hehehe!

thanks for this blog award sis =)

Mom Daughter Style said...

hi, nice to find another great blog. i'm a follower i hope we can follow each other, thanks for sharing 7 things about you

It's Me said...

congrats Jen!... and thanks for the award, Sis... :)

greetings from

the diary

Risma Hutabarat said...

Congrats, Jen. And thank you for sharing it with me. I was here to pick this award and I think I will post it tomorrow, I hope that's okay with you :)


jenpaul :) said...

You're welcome guys! You all deserve the award :)

@ Mom Daughter Style: thanks for following me.. i'll def add and follow you as well :)

Prayer Partners Around the World (PPATW) said...

Congrats jenpaul! Yes I do agree with you that you have lots of potentials..You have a very good writing skills.Continue that. You deserve the award.

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Kim, USA said...

Hello Jen, it is my honor to ex-links with you. Thanks for dropping by!

~ "C" said...

Congratulations! and thanks for the award. It's been ages since I got one. Have a nice day, and I'll pay it forward!!! SMILE!!!

♥ jenpaul ♥ said...

@Kim: thanks! i've added your link and followed u back :)

@Clarisse: you're welcome! you deserve to have one! Happy Blogging :)

~ "C" said...

Hurrah I've done my homework! Thanks for the award again, Jenny! And I hope your weekend rocks!