Monday, January 23, 2012

Alone in My Big House

Authored by Rickey Combs

For the most part I like living alone, but sometimes it’s really difficult. I have to take care of the house alone, and it’s not easy to do all of the yard work and maintenance on my own. I like having my own space and not having to deal with a roommate, but lately I’ve been getting kind of scared at night. It’s funny because I’ve been living alone for years and this is a new development. I can hear little noises outside of my window some nights and if totally freaks me out. I know it’s probably just a squirrel or some other animal scurrying around, but it scared me enough to get an ADT Alarm Systems. I kept on thinking about all of the worse case scenarios and getting myself all worked up about it. I got a great deal on the alarm and it gives me peace of mind, so I know I made the right move. I wish I would have gotten one earlier. I’ve been sleeping much better since installing the alarm system. Now, when I hear a noise outside I know that no one can get in my house without an alarm sounding off.

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