Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Swaddle your little one

Babies are the daintiest among us all and caring for them doesn't just take a lot of time, but a whole lot of patience as well. I may not have one right now but I could say I've had some experience in caring and handling babies when my cousin was born. I was the only girl and so far, the eldest in my family among my generation so I was given the hands-on opportunity by my mom and aunt to care for my baby cousin. 

Generally, it takes all the time, patience, and effort in the world to raise a child. But one of the most important stages in their life that a mom could treasure is when they are still babies. You feed them, give them a bath, change their diapers, hum a lullaby in their sleep, and give as much attention to them as you can ( even if it's 101 % of your life ). But there's something else aside from a mother's touch that babies need, specially when they're all by themselves in their cribs or sleeping - being swaddled. 

At this time of the year, you might want to provide more comfort and warmth to your baby. And I'm talking about baby blankets. If you're very particular in terms of your baby's needs, you always want to have a choice specially when it concerns your precious little one. If you are pro-organic, then you might prefer using an organic baby blanket. Organic stuff are perfectly safe for baby and gives you peace of mind knowing that no harmful substance will affect your baby's health. And if you are the creative type, then you might wanna go for the personalized baby blanket. Whatever you decide is clearly up to you. And remember, a cared baby is a happy baby.

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